ceramic hair straightening iron

Hair straightener Rotating Hot Iron

Although the Hair straightener can be used to curl and style hair, the vast majority of women that purchase the product want to use it predominantly for straightening hair. The dual purpose of Hair straightener, however, is one of the features that can sway a person’s decision to purchase it over a standard flat iron.

When the Hair straightener Rotating Hot Iron was introduced a number of years ago, the market had never seen anything quite like it. Most hot iron products up until then had relied on placing the hair between two hot plates and pressing it straight. (Remember when  women used to lay their hair out on an ironing board and try to steam iron it straight? Yes, Virginia, they really did do that.)

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Hair straightener uses a rotating heated cylinder to style and straighten while pressed against fine brushes that comb and separate for hair that has lift and and that has more sheen, shine and body than hair straightened with regular flat iron devices. Ironically, this unique design allows Hair straightener to produce great results without using extreme amounts of heat, thereby minimizing damage to the hair.

Now that the Hair straightener has been on the market for awhile, the question of “Does it really work?” can be answered. And it is a resounding, “Yes!”  Women with all types of hair — frizzy, curly, fine, course, thick and thin –  have used Hair straightener with results that mirror higher end professional straighteners, and here’s what they have to say:

Karen M. says–

“I have very thick, curly, unruly, often frizzy hair. Over the past 20 years I have spent untold amounts of money on appliances to straighten my hair. Eventually I settled on a name-brand 1 1/2″ hot iron. When I wanted to straighten my hair, I would spend a little over an hour in front of the mirror and would have to press the outer part extra hard against the barrel on the highest setting to get the job done. The Hair straightener has changed everything. I can use it every day and at my curliest, my hair is still done in about 20 minutes using just the middle heat setting.”

Tandy M. says–

“This product is a life-saver! It is efficient, easy to use and I use it every day without fail. I have thick unruly hair and until now could not find an iron that was hot enough to tame it…The Hair straightener does that and so much more because it allows me to be versatile in my styling.”

But there are those that weren’t quite as thrilled with Hair straightener:

Donna says–

“I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. I got around to trying it myself and immediately burnt my forehead. The rolling barrel is not encased and is extremely hot and dangerous. It’s very easy to accidentally grab at it while styling your hair and touch your skin with it. I would definitely think twice before replacing this if it should fail. There are other products out there that give the same sort of result that are not such a burn hazard. On the other hand, it does style your hair well.”

Darrel J. says–

“Not realizing this Hair straightener was not made by the original Hair straightener company I ended up with this Knock-off imitation Hair straightener by Tre Milano is horrible and doesn’t work at all. Don’t waste your time or money with this item. Go with the original.”

As with any successful product, it doesn’t take long for rip-off artists to get into the game. And the Hair straightener is no exception. You need to be careful of imitations. Buy Hair straightener or any quality product only from reputable sources.

To summarize, hair straightening result for Hair straightener across a broad section of hair types was found to be more than satisfactory. Hair straightener was found to work quickly, straightening hair in less time than with other hot iron devices. Most women felt that their hair felt silkier and smoother after using Hair straightener. And finally, because Hair straightener straightens hair with less heat than other hot iron products, damage to hair is significantly reduced or non-existent.

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