lightweight powerful hair dryer

Lightweight powerful hair dryer

Interested in Lightweight powerful hair dryer? Lightweight powerful hair dryers are some of the most popular hair dryers out there and for good reason, they work and work well.  Now there are many types of Lightweight powerful hair dryers to choose from and for that reason it is good to read a couple of reviews to make sure you get the right one and you don’t wind up disappointed. 

If you want to get one of the most popular Lightweight powerful hair dryers that is rated well by a good number of people, make sure you read through these reviews:

1.  Farouk LIGHTWEIGHT POWERFUL GF 2100 Rocket Professional Hair Dryer Low EMF

Wow, this one has 4.5/5 stars based on 64 customer reviews on Amazon, clearly this one wins, head and shoulders above all other hair dryers. 

This produces ionic positive energy that infuses moisture into the hair, helps reduce frizz and the ceramic heats up faster and yields moist heat that dries hair.

A lot of reviewers of this mention that this is the best blow dryer they have ever used.  One African American women mentions that this was great for her hair, that it dried the hair quickly without damaging it leaving it smooth and not puffy. 

Another reviewer mentions they couldn’t believe a hair dryer could make such a difference in the quality of their hair.  They mention they have straight hair and that using this they are able to add volume easily.  You don’t have to deal with any fly away strands, static electricity of frizzy ends if you use this, it sells for about $115.

2.  Farouk LIGHTWEIGHT POWERFUL Pro GF 1505 1300 Watt Ceramic Anion Infared Low EMF Professional Hair Dryer

If you want to go a little cheaper, here is something you may want to try out.  This one is for $70.90 and has had a whopping 107 customer reviews on Amazon giving it 4/5 stars.  While the star rating isn’t as high, it is still clearly a winner due to the number of customers who have reviewed it. 

This dryer comes with a cool shot button and far infared heat which dries the hair from the inside and locks in moisture.  This also heats up in seconds and dries hair 50% faster than most other dryers. 
Hair stylists use this in salons, it is a low noise dryer that doesn’t blow too hard, the heat is hot enough though, just not enough to burn your face or scalp.  This is also a lightweight dryer.

One issue I must mention though is some people claim after 6 months that this fails on them, so despite both of these Lightweight powerful hair dryers being good choices, if you want something more reliable, you might want to opt for the previous dryer.

Do make sure you do a bit more research into Lightweight powerful hair dryers before you make your purchase decision as well, these are the most popular options, but there still are others you may want to consider.

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