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Plastic molding operating principle and maintenance works

Plastic molding is a cyclic process, with each cycle including: dosing – molten plastics – Injection pressure – Filling the cooling – Kai-mode pickup. Remove the plastic parts and then re-closed mode, the next cycle.    1.2 The structure of the injection molding machinePlastics injection molding machine according to two ways of piston and screw injection molding machine […]

How to Improve Plastic Injection Products Bubbles Issue

Bubbles issues are also know as vacuum bubbles, in which gases are very thin. In general, if the bubbles happen at the moment when you open the moulds, the bubble is a matter of gas interference. Vacuum bubbles are formed, because the plastics fillings are insufficient or pressure is low.  Solutions(1) Increase injection volumes; adjust […]

Custom Plastic injection moulding service

Sincere Tech Plastics offers Custom Plastic injection moulding service to the Automotive, industrial, commercial, fastener, electronic and consumer products industries. From the beginning, our strength has been our high level of quality, consistent and responsive performance, coupled with our competitive conversion rates. While we are a mid-sized company we offer value added services that you […]