Ceramic hair straightener flat iron


The Olayer Beauty Ultra Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron works very smoothly on fine hair. It makes the fine hair super straight only in 1 pass, it is one of the best hair styling tools on the market.

It is suitable for all types of hair. If you are searching for a cheap flat iron which does the best job according to its price, just go for the Olayer Beauty Ultra Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron. It is really amazing and would be the best investment forever.

You can use this hair styling tools flat iron for both curling and straightening your hair. If you are a long hair owner just pick it up! It will glide smoothly down your hair and leave it in a super straight way. Its cord is also very long so no possibility to twist up.

Again if you have natural curly hair, it will transform them in a soft straight way. If you have shoulder length hair then it will take only 10 minutes to straighten.

Before straightening you must take the shower with conditioner, towels dry the hair and after that apply the Olayer Beauty Ultra Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron. You may also use the hair protecting serum to avoid any kind of damages.


The Olayer Beauty Ultra Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron has adjustable temperature setting. So you can easily adjust the temperature according to your hair. It heats so fast and heats up to 410 degree F. you can easily increase or decrease the heat to adjust the temperature.


It never leaves any frizzy mood on your hair. The Olayer Beauty Ultra Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron is also very safe to use on humid area. Protects the hair from humid and keep hair straight for a long time. Though it is cheap but works well.


Sometimes the Olayer Beauty Ultra Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron is difficult to manage the temperature settings. Cannot use on wet hair. It does not contain the dual voltage system. However you might solve the problem by using an adapter.

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BrandOlayer Beauty
SpecialtyLeaves your hair in shine, soft and smooth shape
Suitable hair typeAll types of hair
Why should you buy the productLow costHeats up quicklyDifferent temperature setting
Wet hairCan use on wet hair
Dry hairCan use on dry hair
Positive sidePerforms well and reduce the frizzy mood
Negative sideSometimes it might pull out your hair and takes time to heat up
Price of the productContact Olayer wholesale flat irons manufacturer to get wholesale price
TemperatureAdjustable temperature based on hair type
WeightLight weight
Work possibilityIt can make both straight or curly hair
SizeRegular size
Including accessoriesIso Beauty Ultra Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat IronUser manual guide
ColorColor varies
Warranty 2 years