Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) plastic

PEEK, which an aromatic crystalline thermoplastic polymer material, the melting point of 334 ℃, the following is a charming feature: short-term heat resistance by adding glass fiber or carbon acid after heat distortion temperature up to above 300 ℃; long-term heat resistance index for the UL 250 ℃; toughness, resistance, However, up to UL-0 level, can be self-extinguishing, and smokeless; resistance to drugs of good performance, only soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid. Another good processing behavior, its also resistance to radiation, resistance to peeling, electrical properties, fatigue resistance, impact resistance wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance and other properties are very good, which is a rare engineering plastic. 

PEEK injection molding is an important part of medical, industry, electronics, etc. if you need PEEK molding parts for your project, you are welcome to contact us, we have done lots of this PEEK molded parts, PPSU molding parts, PEI molding parts, etc.

Because of its good overall performance, they are widely used: 

    Extrusion: the magnet wire coating using PEEK has good machinability and good resistance to peel, good abrasion resistance and good resistance to radiation and strong, free coloring, etc. have been used as a cable, wire insulation, and protection layer. Widely used in atomic energy, aircraft, ships, oil, gas, magnet wire, fiber optics, and other fields; films use its moisture absorption of small, acid-resistant solder, etc., for H-class and C class insulation material widely used in motors, generators, transformer insulating film, and orbit of printed circuit board, the carrier belt, heat resistant with other drugs ring; PEEK monofilament fiber using steam-resistant, anti-drugs, wear resistance, creep resistance, toughness, etc. Paper machine drying applied to canvas, heat Shanghai cloth, racket cable, composite materials, heat-resistant woven with other drugs. Injection molding: the wear-resistant materials, its wear resistance, resistance to drugs, toughness, and can be used at 250 ℃, etc. for the manufacture of bearing cage, the metal bearing the protection lining, clutch parts, power brake vacuum parts, gasoline engines parts, wheels loader blade, copier parts, suspension bearings, engine Putters; electrical and electronic use of its resistance to solder, natural resistance, UL temperature index of high toughness and good, for the manufacture of inserts plugs, high-reliability plug-ins, cable plugs, junction boxes, wiring leads to the first, the battery case, IC packaging and so on. Hot water equipment for the manufacture of hot water, chemical pump impeller and pump body and the other parts, clean the valve, oil extraction, socket connector, PH meter boiler jacket and so on.

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