Injection Molding Machine List

At Engineered Specialty Plastics, you can be assured that we’ll have the right size press to manufacture your part in the most cost effective manner. With numerous machines in the 500 ton to 1000 ton range and extra large presses like our 1375 ton JSW, 1500 ton Van Dorn, and 2200 ton Cincinnati, we can service just about any large scale application with the proper equipment.

Machine SizeMolding Machine ManaufacturerNumber Of Presses
2200 TonCincinnati1
1500 TonVan Dorn1
1375 TonJSW 12501
1200 TonMitsubishi1
1000 TonFarrel1
1000 TonVan Dorn5
880 TonJSW 8001
700 TonVan Dorn3
610 TonMitsubishi3
500 TonFarrel2
500 TonVan Dorn1
500 TonCincinnati2
400 TonKWG2
375 TonCincinnati1
265 TonKWG 2652
85 TonVan Dorn1
Total Number of Injection Molding Presses:

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