The Disposal EN149 FFP2 face Masks

During the coronavirus pandemic, people are habituated with the EN149 CE ffp2 face masks. To go anywhere at any time, they should have a EN149 ffp2 face mask. The users use their EN149 CE ffp2 face masks for different purposes. Based on the objectives, there are many types of masks available. We can find the uses of many kinds of masks. 

However, the EN149 CE FFP2 mask is sometimes only used once or reused. People use the disposal mask one time. After using this mask, they threw it out, and it became a waste then. On the other hand, reusable masks are used many times. There are some limitations to using reusable masks.

N95, FPP1, FFP2, FFP3 are reusable and very protective masks. FFP2 is the best mask one of them. The FFP2 mask manufacturer supplies the masks to the market, and the customers collect these masks from the FFP2 mask wholesale. 

The method of using the mask runs like this way. When FPP2 or N95 masks are used only once, there is also the option of reusing that.

EN149 CE FFP2 face mask

Disposal masks:

Medical/ Surgical masks:

It is a disposal mask that can filter droplets resulting from coughing, talking, sneezing, or dust. However, it cannot protect the tiny dust. The medical or surgical masks are single-use disposable masks bought in the market blue-colored.

We can notice three different levels of filtration of the surgical masks such as the bacteria filtering greater than 95% and block exhalation of respiratory droplets, bacteria filtering greater than 98% and block exhalation of larger respiratory droplets and bacteria filtering greater than 98%, and block exhalation of respiratory droplets as well as splash resistant.

PPE (FPP1, FFP2, and FFP3) masks:

These respirator masks are mainly used as personal protective equipment. FFP implies that filtering facepiece. It is a significantly closer fitting mask designed to save the wearer from the inhalation of aerosol particles, droplets, dust, virus, and germs. The EN149 FFP1, FPP2, and FPP3 are the same, but there is a slight difference in infiltration. The FFP2 face mask is one of the best masks compared to the N95 masks.

Reusable en149 FFP2 face masks:

Reusable EN149 CE face masks are always eco-friendly. Disposal facemask is very harmful to the environment as it pollutes the surroundings. We can reuse the reusable face masks, and for this, we control the cost.

The recycling process cannot harm the environment. The repetitive uses of the facemasks are very beneficial for the users and environment. While the disposal mask is thrown away and directly becomes waste and contaminates the environment, the reusable face masks are very eco-friendly. They cannot waste the environment. The sustainable mask is a reusable face mask.

As the EN149 FFP2 face mask is an essential factor for protecting the harmful particles of the environment, the disposal and reusable masks play a significant role in this respect. If you are looking for EN149 FFP2 face masks, please go to our ffp2 face mask company by