Precision Injection Molding Services

Precision Molding and Inspection

The Brown and Sharpe CMM machine can take 800 precision measurements in 10 minutes
The phrase “Precision injection molding services” implies a high level of quality and at ESP, we feel like we have earned that right to use it.

In addition to ISO 9002 certification, ESP boasts an impressive list of customers whose names are synonymous with quality and technology: Maytag®, Boeing®, Jacuzzi®, Rubbermaid®, Sanyo®, Orbis®, and Klipsch Sound Systems® to name a few.

Much of this perfection comes from our expertise and great attention to the details of the injection molding process. Of course ESP’s greatest asset is its employees. It is our belief that by providing the best equipment and training to our employees, we will be able to provide the best quality and service to our customers. As such, all ESP production personnel undergo continual education through the industry-leading Paulson Training Program.

Combine this with our continual investment in the latest robotic technology, CMM testing equipment, and gas assist nitrogen injection systems and it’s easy to see why we can honestly say that we offer Quality Precision Injection Molding Services.

Our Brown and Sharpe CMM machine can take 800 precision measurements in 10 minutes.
By utilizing gas assist injectors, ESP is able to create structurally stronger parts and mold intricate items free of material voids or surface blemishes.
Robotic part removal eliminates the dents, blemishes, and cracks associated with less sophisticated systems.