How to find hair straightener company in China

We have already written about where and how you can find a manufacturer in China on your own. One of the easiest, most convenient and affordable ways is to search for a product or supplier on specialized B2B online platforms. We offer a selection of Chinese sites for wholesale purchases in China

In fact, I want to tell you that many top merchants, C stores or Tmall stores, are not factories at all, and even in the early days they are exactly the same as you, looking for hair straightener company on the Internet.

China hair straightener

When it comes to the source of the manufacturer, everyone may think of 1688, that’s right! There are many real manufacturers on 1688, but do you know that there are more wholesalers and even leather bag companies! So we need to have more platforms to choose from to filter.

Every day, many customers complain about suppliers not meeting their expectations (price, minimum quantity per order). Some sellers tell me that the quality can vary greatly from order to order.

To prevent this from happening again, be sure of a few things before you start your research. First, analyze your own business model. You must evaluate the products, the niches as well as the quantities needed for your first order.

The more the supplier meets the expectations of your business, the better it will be. if want to find hair straightener brush company in China, then olayer hair straightener manufacturer can offer you this service as well.

There are mainly, in my opinion, 5 categories of importers. I have some precious advice for each one.

Specializing in the importation of certain products

Importers wanting to develop a product from their own ideas

Importers willing or planning to set up a local supermarket chain

These three e-commerce platforms have one thing in common: to offer a maximum of various products.

As a result, big sellers have no trouble buying what they want and keeping a large inventory.

Despite everything, the quantity that small and medium sellers order is not very high because they have to assess the market for the products they offer at the start.

Each of the products will only need a small quantity to prove itself in the market and thus analyze its performance.

After these analyzes, the products responding positively to their launch will be ordered in much larger quantities.

This is why you should not start by buying in bulk. Contact wholesalers and buy in large quantities to test the market.

Also, we do not recommend someone because suppliers often have a high minimum order quantity (MOQ) .

Usually, you will need to spend at least $ 1000 for the supplier to agree to work with you.

Also, if you need a service who doesn’t offer that kind of service anymore since the site reached such a scale.

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