Avaya Canada Corp. Markham, Ontario

When the world’s largest manufacturer of telephone equipment looks for a supplier, they need more than just a plastic molding company. Such was the case with Avaya.

Server housing before finish processing
Finished housing with painted accents
and logo decal application

ware housing

With machines ranging in size from 85 tons to 2200 tons, ESP is able to provide everything from the switchboard cover to the small sub components used during assembly.

Our extensive painting department allows us to cost effectively paint phone systems in a variety of colors while our printing facility utilizes the latest pad printing equipment to add button descriptions and the company logo.

Once all of the components are complete, ESP utilizes a revolving assembly line to complete the sub-assemblies that contain over 20 components.

By utilizing ESP as a source for an entire sub-assembly instead of just the plastic parts, Avaya was able to reduce costs and maintain a more stable domestic source.

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