Assembly and Contract Manufacturing

Assembly and Contract Manufacturing

Picture of one of the secondary operations with text about how the operator performs the secondary during the idle time between cycles.

More and more manufacturers are seeing the benefits of outsourcing products or sub-assemblies. Reduced shipping and administrative costs combined with the drop in fixed overhead means outsourcing can improve your earnings.

With our robotic and conveyor equipped manufacturing facilities, we are able to move products directly from the press into the finishing and assembly departments. Cost associated with packaging, shipping, and warehousing are minimized.

Our industrial engineers can modify our robotics and conveyors to minimize human involvement while still taking advantage of our low-cost labour pool for processes that require human interaction. In many cases, workers can perform secondary operations during idle time between plastic injection molding cycles.

In addition to the painting, decorating and bonding, we have also worked on projects requiring electronics assembly, soldering, polishing, and packaging. Our goal is too add as much value as possible to every product leaving our plant.

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